Scegli tra centinaia di varieta di Alberi del Miele e di alberi da frutta di nostra produzione. The peak height and peak areas of characteristic peaks are distinct, but whether it is connected with the different function of regulating Qi flow of the six medical materials is awaiting further study. Sanguisorba Powder. your own Pins on Pinterest coperto con piccoli fiori gialli, che vengono sostituiti nei primi frutti autunnali - succosi club-fagioli. pallida Heywood. Ge Gen Qin Lian Pian Kudzu, Coptis and Scutellaria Tablet. Japanese pagoda tree is a deciduous species that grows quickly into a 75-foot (23 m.) tree with a broad, rounded crown. Le radici arrivano ad una profondità media, essendo poi ramificate e ampie. But the similarity between Aurantii Fructus and the mutual model was only 0.454–0.773. pubescens (Tausch) Bosse [30 views / visite] 9) Sophora japonica L. var. 803. Da Cheng Hao, ... Pei Gen Xiao, in Medicinal Plants, 2015. Contains rutin, quercetin. Produzione e Vendita di piante di Sophora japonica Regent. Appartiene alla famiglia delle leguminose, in altezza fino a 25 m, e la corona ha un'ampia forma sferica. There had been some improvement in her diarrhoea, but the defecation pain persisted. [29 views / visite] 9) Sophora japonica L. f. pendula Zabel [27 views / visite] 10) Sophora japonica L. var. 129 leaf samples from 35 species and one variety of the Chinese Epimedium (Berberidaceae), most of which were placed under subgen. Sopporta con facilità temperature molto rigide, fino a -20°C, e può tollerare un certo grado di salinità senza problemi. NOMI ITALIANI. 6) Sophora japonica L. f. oligophylla Franch. 1 luglio 2019 8 ... La splendida Sophora del Giardino Treves Un giovane individuo al Parco Europa Entrata di Via Cavallotti dei Giardini Alicorno Ala est della facciata della Stazione ferroviaria, la giovane Sofora, in gennaio inoltrato, porta ancora tutti i suoi frutti. Consequently, new pharmaceutical forms have been tested, including a nanoemulsion, which resulted in increased bioaccessibility of the compounds in comparison to aqueous solution [51]. Dà il meglio di sé su terreni fertili e ben drenati, in pieno sole, ma può tollerare bene anche esposizioni di mezz’ombra e terreni meno generosi. Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream – Brink Pink € 7,60 € 4,00. GV-1, the Connecting point of the Governing Vessel and the patent point for anal disorders, harmonises the Collateral and relieves the anal pain, BL-17, the Gathering point for the Blood, regulates the circulation of Blood and removes its stasis, SP-10 clears Heat and eliminates Blood stasis. Twelve flavonoid compounds were used to differentiate 34 sea buckthorn berries samples (Chen et al., 2007). Φροντίστε τον εαυτό σας με τα καλύτερα της φύσης! Hêtre à feuilles tricolores (Fagus sylvatica Tricolor) au meilleur prix – Achat en ligne, plants de Hêtre à feuilles tricolores de toute taille, offre à l’unité ou par quantités, livraison express depuis nos pépinières. As well as pain when defecating, she had pain in her left lower abdomen, a sore throat, a burning sensation in her anus, thirst, sometimes a fever, dark yellow urine, a red tongue with a thin yellow coating and a rapid pulse. Whereas I-3-neohesperidoside, I-3-glucoside, I-3-rhamnosylglucoside, I-3-sophoroside-7-rhamnoside, and free isorhamnetin were predominant for berries (out of 17 compounds identified), I-3-rhamnosylglucoside, I-3-neohesperidoside, I-3-glucoside, quercetin-3-pentoside, kaempferol-3-rutinoside, and quercetin-3-glucoside were predominant in leaves (out of 19 compounds identified). Among the phenolics, berries and leaves contain a wide range of flavonols that are good quality and authenticity biomarkers. Sophora Japonica Fruit Pill. NaturesPlus Biorutin (Sophora Japonica) - 1000 mg, 90 Vegetarian Tablets - Vein Health Supplement, Joint Pain Relief, Antioxidant - Hypoallergenic, Gluten-Free - 90 Servings 4.7 out of 5 stars 160 $22.48 $ 22 . Numerous human clinical trials aimed to understand RSV's impact on various diseases and the human health span have also been conducted. Fitzpatrick, T. Woldemariam, in Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III, 2017. BL-40, the Sea point of the Bladder channel, relieves anal pain. If there is a sharp or stabbing pain around the anus, add LU-6 and LI-7, the Accumulation point of the Lung channel and Large Intestine channel respectively, to promote the circulation of Blood in the Large Intestine and relieve the pain around the anus, If the pain worsens at night owing to severe stagnation of Blood, add BL-30 and BL-36 to regulate the circulation of Blood and relieve the anal pain. Welcome to our on-line catalog. Carlesi Vivai - Plants General Catalog 2020/2021. If there is a sore throat, add Yin Hua Flos Lonicerae 10g and Pu Gong Ying Herba Taraxaci 10g to clear Wind-Heat in the Upper Burner and relieve the sore throat. sophora japonica kΡΕΜΑ ΗΜΕΡΑΣ spf-15. Upon follow-up a year later, he reported being free of the pain since the treatment. Toutes vos marques préférées et des nouveautés à découvrir. Pharmacologically active isoflavone aglycones genistein, daidzein, formononetin, and biochanin A were used to classify 13 Trifolium (clover; Leguminosae) species, native to Poland (Zgórka, 2009). Sophora japonica (secondo nome - stiforfologia giapponese) è un albero a foglie decidue alto fino a 25 m dal fagiolo di famiglia. fruit abscission (and bird deposition of fruit residue) from October through December, a true liability if the tree is sited near parking lots, sidewalks, etc. Assomigliano molto a … nat.Toni Fischer, in A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine, 2009, Blood in the stool, haematuria, excessive uterine bleeding, bleeding haemorrhoids, Bleeding from the lower orifices, bloody sputum, nosebleed, Heat in the Liver: reddened eyes, dizziness, Reddened eyes, dizziness, headache, hypertension, Intestinal bleeding, haemorrhoids, bleeding dysenteric disorders. Dal punto di vista botanico, esse hanno una lunghezza di circa 20-2… Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva' (Hydrangea), Sophora japonica (Japanese pagoda tree), Tetradium daniellii (Evodia) Zimmerman Scented Garden Hosta 'Invincible' (Hosta), Phlox paniculata 'David' (Garden phlox), Thymus vulgaris (Garden thyme). 1 pg. Rutin is practically insoluble in water while soluble in methanol and ethanol. SP-3, the Stream and Source point of the Spleen channel, eliminates Wind-Heat in the Middle Burner and relieves the defecation pain. BL-36 is the patent point for anal disorders, BL-58, the Connecting point of the Bladder channel, harmonises the collateral, dispels Wind-Heat and relieves defecation pain, LI-4 and TE-5 dispel Wind-Heat and relieve External symptoms. Sophora: proprietà, benefici e controindicazioni. Valgourmand - Tout le choix de chewing gum avec sucre, fantaisies et sans sucres au meilleur prix. violacea Carriere [56 views / visite] 10) Sophora juncea Schrad. When there is stagnation of Qi and Blood in the Large Intestine for long time, it may gradually cause formation of Heat in the Large Intestine. Compared with above formula, this one is less able to subside the swelling and cool the Heat. Botanical Name: Sophora japonica Regent. Il legno di Sophora japonica e Sophora tetraptera è denso, compatto e molto resistente, utilizzato per costruire oggetti di uso comune Da foglie e frutti si ricavano sostanze medicinali con proprietà diuretiche e … Sophora Japonica Extract Rutin is a tasteless, yellow or greenish yellow crystalline powder that becomes plastic when heated between 185°C and 192°C and discomposed at 215°C. Produse naturale, originale, cu multiple efecte benefice. Nella famiglia Legumi è il genere Sophora, formato da circa 40 specie di alberi e arbusti provenienti da quasi tutti i continenti.Sophora è originaria della Cina. D - Jahr der Leguminosen Die Brissago Inseln feiern dieses Jahr die Leguminosen (= Fabaceae, Leguminosae). Mar 31, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Allison Ostertag. I suoi fiori producono nettare in quantità superiore ad ogni altra piante mellifera, tale da permettere una produzione di miele di oltre 1200 Kg/ettaro. It is thought to be an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, and an iron-chelator working similarly to the antioxidant mechanism of 5-ASA.102,103 After oral administration, rutin is hydrolyzed in the GI tract to release quercetin, which is responsible for many of the actions of rutin. Oggi parleremo di Sophora japonica, le sue proprietà terapeutiche delle controindicazioni per l'uso nella medicina popolare, gli effetti collaterali, la sua composizione chimica, caratteristiche dei medicinali materie prime di assemblaggio - fiori, frutti, semi, foglie, Sophora. C. grandis and C. grands had fifteen common peaks; Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium, Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium Viride, Aurantii Fructus, and Aurantii Fructus Immaturus had ten common peaks. She was diagnosed by the doctor as having acute colitis, for which she was treated with antibiotics. Πιστοποιημένα βιολογικά καλλυντικά από εγκεκριμένες επωνυμίες όπως Urtekram, Purity Vision, Garnier Bio, Saloos και άλλες στο! Single ingredients have the following actions: decrease of capillary permeability and Arthus reaction, anti-inflammatory, improves coronary circulation, relaxation of bronchial and intestinal muscles, inhibits platelet aggregation. pubescens (Tausch) Bosse [28 views / visite] Dai loro frutti li riconoscerete. Sophora Japonica Flower Powder. ETIMOLOGIA. It is a naturally occurring pigment. Duranta mutisii L. Ecballium elaterium (L.) A.Rich. Dispel the Wind, clear the Heat and relieve the pain. I suoi fiori producono nettare in quantità superiore ad ogni altra piante mellifera, tale da permettere una produzione di miele di oltre 1200 Kg/ettaro. Contextual translation of "leguminosae" from Czech into Italian. ), three Mediterranean species (L. albus, L. angustifolius, and L. luteus), and one species from South America domesticated in Europe (L. mutabilis) were analyzed using two LC–MS systems (Wojakowska et al., 2013). Blooms once every two years in July - August. In Italia il suo areale di distribuzione arriva a 500 m di altitudine. - Check out Tripadvisor members' 3,400 candid photos and videos of Bar Gelateria Dolomiti According to the second peak group (“ABCI” peak group) characters, chromatograms were divided into four main types and nine subtypes. Prolonged sitting or riding his bicycle caused a sharp pain, and as well as the painful anus he also had a hot sensation in his anus and constipation. By correlation analysis with flower morphology, II-3 was suggested to be the most primitive type; II-1, IV, and I-3 were primitive and closely related to II-3; I-1 was basic type; and I-2, I-4, III, and II-2 were derived types. BL-58, BL-36, LI-4, TE-5, ST-25 and ST-37 were selected. If you have not read much pagoda tree info, it is natural to ask “What is Sophora japonica?”. Dasymaschalon and Desmos are two independent genera of family Annonaceae, which is supported by gross morphology, leaf anatomy, and molecular phylogeny. Sophora japonica is known as a large, rounded shade tree that doubles as an ornamental tree, profusely flowering in August or early September with creamy-yellow large inflorescences; however, many liabilities curtail the planting of this unusual tree in urban landscapes. Si adatta bene sia nei terreni argillosi che in quelli sabbiosi, ma non sopporta i ristagni d’acqua; non teme periodi anche lunghi di siccità e resiste anche alle basse temperature. A clear-cut discrimination of the Mediterranean and North American lupines was obtained. 11 mai 2020 - Comment cultiver, entretenir et où planter Tulbaghia violacea, une plante bulbeuse qui fleurit en été ? Extract of Sophora Japonica contains up to 30% of Rutin (Vitamin P), which stimulates regeneration processes, and regulates lipid balance. LI-4 Hegu, LU-7 Lieque, BL-25 Dachangshu, BL-36 Chengfu, SP-3 Taibai and ST-37 Shangjuxu. Middle-aged Scholar Tree. Botanical Name: Sophora japonica Princeton Upright. yunnanensis suggested that the two subspecies might have a very close relationship in terms of chemotaxonomy. Sophora japonica L. albero deciduo a portamento eretto, vagamente somigliante alla Robinia, originario di Cina e Giappone, introdotto in Europa già nel XVIII secolo, che raggiunge lentamente i 5–20 m di altezza, dal portamento elegante, con il tronco diritto dalla corteccia screpolata secondo linee tortuose. Più avanti nell'articolo, prenderemo in considerazione diverse ricette che hanno effetti benefici per molti disturbi. Compared with above formula, this one … It is necessary to establish the HPLC fingerprint of flavonoids of six frequently used Chinese materia medica for regulating Qi flow, including Citri grandis (Mao Ju Hong), C. grands (Guang Ju Hong), Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Chen Pi), Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium Viride (Qing Pi), Aurantii Fructus (Zhi Ke), and Aurantii Fructus Immaturus (Zhi Shi) from Citrus (Chen and Lin, 2011). Dracaena draco L. frutti: Dracunculus vulgaris Schott: Drosanthemum hispidum Schwantes: Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Dryopteris villarii (Bellardi) Woynar: Dryopteris villarii ssp. Information obtained from the flavonoid conjugate profiling was used for the chemotaxonomic comparison of the studied lupine species. Kunisuke Izawa, ... Motonaka Kuroda, in Comprehensive Natural Products II, 2010. I frutti di questa varietà sono una vera risorsa in campo medico. La loro forma non è dissimile a quella del pisello, appartenente anch'esso alla famiglia delle Leguminosae. Produzione e Vendita di piante di Sophora japonica. [31 views / visite] 7) Sophora japonica L. f. pendula Zabel [29 views / visite] 8) Sophora japonica L. var. No obvious difference between Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. During the last 2 years he also complained about a painful anus. The HPLC chromatogram-type division corresponds to W. T. Stearn's classification on sect. However, randomized controlled clinical investigations in large cohorts of patients are needed to fully evaluate the clinical potential of these compounds. sinensis (Elaeagnaceae) and H. rhamnoindes ssp. This formula could be used in combination with one of above formula when there is anal bleeding. Quercetin glycosides including isoquercitrin and isoquercitrin glycosides, which have one to seven glucoses through the α-1→4 bond, are produced from rutin extracted from legume (Sophora japonica Linnaeus). fiori e frutti di Sophora japonica più comuni sono utilizzati per la fabbricazione di tali farmaci come tinture, decotti, impacchi, bagni, e sono parte di unguenti, e molti altri mezzi. Sophora japonica fioriture, tintura che oggi è stato ampiamente utilizzato in medicina, in luglio e agosto, i frutti dei suoi succulenti, baccelli rossastre raccolti nei fagioli (a maturazione). This formula can promote the Qi and Blood circulation in the Large Intestine and relieve the anal pain. Sophora japonica) is a species of tree in the subfamily Faboideae of the pea family Fabaceae.. Food & Beverage Company. All’interno del genere della Sofora si possono individuare varietà arboree o arbustive a fogliame generalmente deciduo ma anche, in minima parte, sempreverde. Styphnolobium japonicum, commonly called Japanese pagoda tree or Chinese scholar tree, is native to China and Korea, but not Japan.It is a medium to large deciduous tree that typically matures to 50-75’ (less frequently to 100’) tall with a broad rounded crown. Three entries are listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia: Huaimi, Flos Sophora immaturus, is the dry flower buds of S. japonica collected in summer. BL-57 and BL-58, the Connecting point of the Bladder channel, harmonise the collateral, regulate the circulation of Qi in the Large Intestine and relieve the anal pain. Examples translated by humans: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. 7-Methoxylated flavonoids are a chemotaxonomic trait frequently found in the family Anacardiaceae (Feuereisen et al., 2014). Flavonoid glycosides were used to authenticate Unani herbal drug chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) from its adulterants, that is, Anthemis nobilis, Matricaria aurea, and Inula vestita (Ahmad et al., 2009). BL-32 Ciliao, BL-35 Huiyang, BL-36 Chengfu, BL54 Zhibian and HT-3 Shaohai, etc. Personal Blog. I sapori dell’orto di Patrizia e Pino . Sophora japonica, commonly called Japanese pagoda tree or Chinese scholar tree, is native to China and Korea, but not Japan. Rutin (rutoside or quercetin-3-O-rutinoside) is a flavonoid contained in many plants. Sophora Japonica Flower Powder. Ad un primo sguardo è facile confondere le foglie di queste piante con quelle della comune Robinia, tuttavia esaminandone accuratamente la forma e la disposizione tale dubbio può essere velocemente risolto. Animal studies suggest rutin has anti-inflammatory activity against TNBS-induced colitis in rats, as well as T-cell transfer colitis in mice.104,105. Per pot… This formula has also certain functions which cool the Heat, remove the Toxin and reduce the swelling. A 36-year-old man had been diagnosed as suffering from haemorrhoids and anal fistula 3 years previously. Tea catechins: Catechins found in green tea, Camellia sinensis, are EC, epicatechin gallate (ECG), and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The points GV-1, BL-17, BL-40 and SP-10 were needled with even method every other day. Sophora japonica L. La sofora del Giappone ( Styphnolobium japonicum ( L. ) Schott ) è un albero della famiglia delle Fabacee (o Leguminose) [1] , originario delle regioni centro asiatiche , che è stato introdotto in Europa nel XVIII secolo. In a reverse mutation test in vitro, the isoquercitrin glycosides were positive. Genus found: 194 Curcumin: Curcumin is a natural yellow phenolic compound, synthesized in many different plants, including turmeric, Curcuma longa. 48 ($0.25/Count) An herbal medicine, kushen, is obtained from the roots of Sophora japonica (Sophora flavescens) and is used as an anti-inflammatory and bitter-tasting stomachic. Bark is gray or dark gray and with rough diastema. Qiang Li Hua Zhi Ling Better Strength Dissolve-Haemorrhoids Efficacious Cure. As a result of the LC–MS profiling using the CID/MSn experiments, structures of 175 flavonoid glycoconjugates found in 12 lupine species were identified at three confidence levels according to the Metabolomics Standards Initiative, mainly at levels 2 and 3. LI-4, the Source point of the Large Intestine channel, BL-25, the Back Transporting point of the Large Intestine, and ST-37, the Lower Sea point of the Large Intestine, clear Wind-Heat in the Large Intestine, promote its physiological function and relieve defecation pain, LU- 7 dispels Wind-Heat and relieves the External symptoms, BL-36 is the patent point for treating disorders of the anus. The elemental composition of the glycoconjugate molecules was established from the exact m/z values of the protonated/deprotonated molecules ([M + H]+/[M − H]−) measured with the accuracy better than 5 ppm. N.Telefono Azienda: 030 2165911 N.Telefono Negozio Cavour Brescia: 030 3755240 Resveratrol: As the most popular representative of the large group of polyphenols, the red wine ingredient RSV has received special attention in numerous in vitro and in vivo studies. or. All herbs had five common peaks. Product Code: MW5422SF UPC Code: 739934154229 This herb has been honey-fried to moderate its bitter and cold properties and to enhance its function of moistening of the intestines. GV-1 Changquang, BL-17 Geshu, BL-18 Ganshu, BL-57 Chengshan, BL-58 Feiyang, LI-4 Hegu, SP-6 Sanyinjiao and LR-3 Taichong. Grazie agli alcaloidi contenuti, ha la capacità di: neutralizzare i radicali liberi e stimolare i processi di riparazione dei tessuti; favorisce il trattamento della tubercolosi aumentando l’efficacia della terapia fino al … Among the flavonoid derivatives recognized in the plant extracts were isomeric or isobaric compounds, differing in the degree of hydroxylation of the aglycones and the presence of glycosidic, acyl, or alkyl groups in the molecules. Even rather high doses of RSV were proven to be safe, but RSV's bioavailability was found to be very low. Besides in Vitis vinifera, this polyphenol was found in peanut root, strawberry, blueberry, and mulberry. Rehmannia Decoction to Cool Blood. For informations Zelari Piante. While it has been used as a spice and dietary supplement for centuries, its pharmacological activities are currently of major interest. Similar to RSV, quercetin has also been considered a potential drug against various diseases, but the clinical use of this compound is limited due to its poor water solubility and instability in physiological media, resulting in poor bioavailability. These genera contain formyl-substituted flavonoids with substituted A-ring and unsubstituted B-ring, which could be the chemotaxonomic markers (Zhou et al., 2012). You will always find sophora japonica fruit extract that are suitable for your necessities because they come in different sizes and packaging designs. Fill the cart with the items and send your offer request! Therefore, new pharmaceutical forms are needed to improve its poor pharmaceutical properties. Scholar Tree1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION Sophora species grows to a height of 40 to 60 feet and spread of 30 to 45 feet, forming a fine-textured, round canopy even as a young tree (Fig. If there is swelling and redness of the anus, wash the anus with a lotion obtained from Ku Shen Radix Sophorae Flavescentis 10g, and Mang Xiao Natrii Sulfas 10g to reduce the swelling and relieve the redness, If there is constipation, add Da Huang Radix et Rhizoma Rhei 10g, Mang Xiao Natrii Sulfas 10g to promote the defecation and relieve the anal pain. Flavonoid glycoconjugates from roots and leaves of eight North American lupine species (Lupinus elegans, L. exaltatus, L. hintonii, L. mexicanus, L. montanus, L. rotundiflorus, L. stipulatus, and Lupinus sp. Curcumin was found to be well-tolerated at a dose of 12 g/day, but due to its very low aqueous solubility of 0.6 μg/mL and its susceptibility to degradation under alkaline conditions, the compound's bioavailability is very low. 1). Il genere Sophora comprende diverse piante, tutte ornamentali appartenenti alla famiglia delle Fabaceae (Leguminose), originarie della Cina, del Giappone e diffuse negli Stati Uniti, Messico Cile e anche nelle regioni temperate dell’Europa compresa l’Italia. Six major flavonoids, including sophoricoside, genistin, genistein, rutin, quercetin, and kaempferol, in Styphnolobium japonicum (Leguminosae) were simultaneously determined by LC–ESI-MS/MS (Chang et al., 2013). After a week of treatment the pain had stopped. For instance, nanomicelle delivery systems were developed to solubilize quercetin in aqueous media and reach the clinically relevant concentration and targets [50]. Create New Account. MilleunEvento. Apricot seeds gently exfoliate skin while Arctic Raspberry extract soothes it. There is some controversy regarding the antibiotic activity of berberine. La più coltivata e diffusa nel nostro Paese è la Sophora japonicauna pianta decidua a sviluppo arboreo che vista da lontano spesso viene confusa con la Robinia. However, these metabolites of RSV were also speculated to have similar effects as RSV and, therefore, possibly also contribute to RSV's impact [49]. Contextual translation of "leguminosae" from Slovenian into Italian. Jun 2, 2012 - Sophora japonica ‘Pendula’ (Weeping Chinese Scholar Tree) In this regard, clinical trials that examine the efficacy of natural products in combination with traditional IBD drugs (e.g., 5-aminosalicylate derivatives and corticosteroids) are eagerly anticipated in the future. Echeveria pulvinata Rose ex Hook. Rustica vous conseille. GV-1, the Connecting point of the Governing Vessel, regulates the circulation of Qi and harmonises the collateral in order to relieve the anal pain, BL-17, the Gathering point for the Blood, promotes the circulation of Blood and removes its stasis, BL-18, the Back Transporting point of the Liver, regulates the circulation of Qi and Blood and removes Blood stagnation, LI-4, the Source point of the Large Intestine channel, SP-6 and LR-3 promote the Qi and Blood circulation in the Large Intestine, regulate the defecation and relieving the anal pain. Japanese Pagodatree or Japanese Pagoda Tree, (Fabaceae [also known as Leguminosae] - Pea Family), large shade tree, doubling as a large ornamental tree, maturing at about 60' tall by 80' wide, but can get even larger, upright rounded growth habit in youth, becoming more spreading with age, rapid growth rate in youth and middle age, becoming a medium growth rate with maturity, performs best in full sun in moist, well-drained soils of average fertility, but is very urban tolerant (especially to heat, drought, pollution, compacted soils, and poor soils), species form is propagated by seed, and cultivars are budded onto seedling understock, Pea Family, with several potential diseases (including branch and trunk canker [which can lead to wood rot and storm damage] and twig blight [which leads to leaf abscission and stem dieback]) and at least one potential pest (potato leaf hopper [which kills the new growth, leading to the resultant regrowth as witches' brooms]), low availability, in ball and burlap form, Japanese Pagodatree is somewhat sensitive to being transplanted in Autumn, and care should be taken to amend the soil, fertilize, water thoroughly, mulch adequately, and avoid Winter salt spray, to enhance survival chances during the first Winter, alternate, medium to dark green, with about 9 to 13 ovate leaflets (with acute apices) per pinnately compound leaf, having faded green to chartreuse fall color, trees will often drop a slow but continuous stream of leaflets, rachises, and entire leaves from mid-Summer through early-Autumn (before the advent of normal Autumn leaf abscission), in response to both abiotic and biotic stresses, trees cast a light dappled shade in youth, but a much more dense shade with maturity, creamy-white to yellowish-green large inflorescences blanket the tree anytime from early August to early September, with about a three week bloom period, very showy and eye-catching when in flower, since such a late-blooming performance from a shade tree is totally unexpected by passersby, young seedling trees, especially in the northern areas of its range, may not flower for the first ten or so years of its life, but in southern areas with warm Summer nights, this liability tends to be non-existent; however, all of this is rendered irrelevant if one uses the cultivar 'Regent', which flowers at a young age, thick green pods mature to yellow-green fruits, with the large beans appearing as knobs within the otherwise thin pods, hanging profusely from the tree and at times weighting down the thin stems, ripening in October and November and persisting into December or beyond, with the seeds being readily devoured by the birds, and with a resultant litter underneath the tree of the fruits or their digested residue, bright green in Spring on the emergent stems, becoming kelly green to medium green in Summer, and persisting as a dark green during the Winter, remaining so for several years afterwards on the young branches, slowly fading to tan on the mature branches, very distinctive in Winter, as the twigs (in combination with the semi-persistent yellow-green peduncles and pedicels of the abscised fruits) give a unique green and chartreuse cast to the entire canopy of the tree, branches are lightly furrowed and chartreuse-brown, but appear as if they are subtlely striated (i.e., having light brown, diffuse, straight lines on the chartreuse bark), trunks have interlacing ridges and are more deeply furrowed, becoming light brown to gray-brown with maturity, wood is relatively weak, and the branches are prone to storm damage (with or without cankers and wood rot) with their increasing age and weight, growth habit is very rounded, resulting from the loss of the central leader at an early age (for the species form), green twigs and greenish-yellow young branches for the first four years of growth, becoming chartreuse-brown, pseudo-striated branches with age, pinnately compound leaves that alternate along the stems, with acute leaflets, inflorescences that flower in August or early September, maturing as pendulous bean-like fruits (with the seeds bulging beneath the pods) that abscise naturally in December or later, but are often eaten by the birds in October and November, a chartreuse-green cast to the tree canopy in Winter, caused by the green twigs combining with the yellow-green persistent fruit stalks, a continuous litter of leaflets, rachises, flower petals, fruit pods and beans, bird droppings, and dead stems during the entire year, especially on mature trees, dead branches with age, often resulting from a combination of branch canker and Winter dieback, shade, specimen, or Summer-flowering focal point tree, thick density in foliage and when bare (except on young trees, which are open to average in density), showy creamy inflorescences in mid- to late-Summer, wildlife attraction when in fruit (especially birds; however, this can be a severe liability when sited near pedestrian or automobile traffic areas).

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